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About Us


Bedrock Microwaves provides commoditized and customized RF and Microwave products in the field of GNSS frontend RF systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless communication, RFID PDC and PICC, Radio Astronomy and customized small and large RF systems. We also provide consultancy in Radio Frequency systems and setups.

Our story

Founded in 2019 by Abhay Kulkarni, Bedrock Microwaves is a startup company in the niche field of RF and microwave engineering products and solutions.

BM was born after 8 years of experience in academics and working in research environment with a very good exposure to high end technologies for instrumentation and measurement.  Moreover, working with reputed professors is a big plus as far as understanding the intricacies and subtleties of the RF systems are concerned.   

Our vision

Bedrock Microwaves promises to provide promising products in RF and Microwave engineering regime. This goal essentially is a result of systematic thought process for providing much needed solutions on different fronts in the technological development of India. 

Bedrock Microwaves intends to provide these niche products and solutions to mainly research institutes, industry and colleges.  

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